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 Few Suggestions

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PostSubject: Few Suggestions   Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:00 pm

I have made and help run many many many role playing sites, and there are a few things on this site that throw me off my cool...
1. capturing Bakugan is Too easy
Make it a bit more challenging then saying:
"I was walking along and found a drago 700Gs"(EXAMPLE) In my opinion, There should be a total 'experience' a player needs that reflects how many Bakugan, and how powerful that each Bakugan are, that a player may find. Or another way would be to have the player battle the bakugan and if they win they keep it.

2. Creating Bakugan/ability cards needs some fixing.
Not pointing fingers, but I saw a thread recently of someone's custom Bakugan and cards where the cards where able to do over powered things like stop the opponent from playing two abilities or completely absorbing the Gs of the enemy. The creator will never lose if they do this and so I think that judging things like this should be tighter.

3. Battles are sloppy and random
Its a free for all in battle, there is no Role Playing at all or there is very little to show how the battlers met and how they started fighting. Most threads start out like: "Bob challenges you gate card set bakugan go" this is very sloppy and leaves many openings for players to cheat. I suggest a style of battle where each player would tell the other exactly what they put down Out Of Character(Meaning the two or more people share information that their characters do not know to help each other make the Role Play fair) Like this:
"I challenge you! Gate card, set!(OOC: My Gate card is River Gate) Bakugan GO!"
And for abilities, tell the enemy what ability cards your choosing to use Out of Character(OOC).

4. More Bakugan need to be added to the shops
There is a very low selection of Bakugan at the shops, I suggest adding more and increasing their prices.

5. A limit should be set for selecting created character Bakugan
As of right now, there is no limit to the amount of Bakugan one can start out with or how strong they can be. This means you can get a player who starts out with Bakugan that have Gs in the 700s and such and you would have no restraint over them. Same with Gear and cards.

6. The over-all site rules need to be edited
Right now, someone could come on and troll, flame, flood, spam, and you would have no correct protection because it is not against the rules. Add rules that limit members on their actions in the forums(Not of course Role Playing actions or questions and the such)

Thank you for considering my suggestions and I hope you take them into recognition.
~Maximum Majin
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PostSubject: Re: Few Suggestions   Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:20 pm

Nice ideas you have wait for admin to relpy back to this

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Few Suggestions
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