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PostSubject: Misa new Haos profile   Misa new Haos profile EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 7:52 pm

Name misa
Good or Evil mine is good
Main Attribute haos fear ripper 400 lv.2,haos robtallion 350 lv.1,haos warius 300gs lv.1
Haos Kaos Splight 650Gs


Boost up my bakugan gets 200gs

haosfreeze: It freezes the battle and you are allowed to play a bakugan on a same gate card.

Savage x: allows you to play a bakugan on the field even if it’s not your turn

Contorl you can contorl you oppents bakgan to do waht ever i want for one round

Powerful winds So the winds so powerful blows of my oppents bakugan of the field and loses all the gpower

ability couner negates an ability

Re do you can re do your move again

Spark out: The gate card is nullified
Lightning tornado: It drops the opponents Gs by 100 and raises your gs by 100.

Energy Sap - 50Gs for every Gate Card on the field to the using Bakugan .

Negitive Change: Change one of the opponents bakugan to any element you wish.

Freeze you can freeze your oppent bakugan for one turn and cancel out gate or ability

Haos Blast: If your opponent has used their special ability one of your bakugan gains 100gs

Undo you can udo oppents move
Duck and win if i have the lose gpower i win automaic

transport i can tranport my bakugan to anywhere

Attribute i can change my opptns bakugan to anything i want

No more gate My oppent cant use their gate about to play for three round

Gate cards

Infinite Vortex - Neither brawler may use Ability cards

Mind ghost destory all bakugan on this field

Traop door trap bakugan cant be dropped on this gate

Battle Points:4,500
Bakugan Capsules:3
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